Fabio Visocchi, who graduated in modern piano at NAM in 2007, is a pianist, keyboard player, sound designer and producer.   

He is co-founder of LoopTherapy, that explores both hiphop and jazz. 

Since 2010 he has collaborated with Tullio de Piscopo, WrNwHr, PVM trio, iCasi and other combos. He has worked with various artists of the hiphop scene such as BassiMaestro, Turi, Colle der Fomento, IceOne, DjZeta, DjMyke, Microspasmi, Ghemon, Hyst, Esa, Rocco Hunt, Gemitaiz, MondoMarcio, Nitro.

He collaborates with artists and bands of the Italian soul/funk scene such as BlackBeatMovement, Davide Shorty, Technoir, ThinkAboutIt, BodyHeat.

As sound designer and composer, he works with the producers Michele Iorfida “Canova” and Fausto Cogliati, recording for Nina Zilli, Francesco Renga, Francesco Gabbani, Biagio Antonacci, Deborah Iurato, Benji & Fede, Irama, Gaia, Alessio Bernabei, LowLow. He participated in the “Modern Art” tour with Nina Zilli (2017), the “ByeBye Live 2018” tour with Annalisa and “Pop heart” tour with Giorgia (2019).

Fabio Visocchi